Transformez Systems is offering servicing as a partner or contractor to high-tech companies and businesses that rely on technology throughout India and Canada. Operation with Transformez can be more efficient for your company compared to hiring contract employees on-site and much less risky and convenient than direct work with offshore contractors .Leveraging our unique model we offer predictability, quality and attractive pricing while staying in the usual business environment, same time zone or even city for clients in Greater Vancouver. Today’s dynamic business environment mandates a robust IT organization while simultaneously reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), enhancing service levels and transforming IT into a strategic enabler.

Transformez outsourcing value proposition couples IT solutions with business objectives, while delivering certainty in an environment of collaboration, trust, reliability and flexibility to meet customer’s changing requirements. Our full service model, in-depth industry knowledge and technical expertise, robust and repeatable processes, Global Network Delivery Model GNDM and expertise at optimizing IT environments in globally scalable environments help us deliver measurable business results and transform our customers’ IT investments into reliable and future-proof Business Service Infrastructures.


Client Challenges

Build and grow a flexible IT organization to keep pace with business growth, while ensuring that technology investments effectively support business objectives and the evolving processes across functional domains

 Manage TCO in a shrinking IT budget regime, correlate investments with results and deliver quantifiable business benefits.

 Manage operational issues, like high turnaround time because of decentralized operations and disjoined technology portfolio.

 Access or maintain required competency/skills and focus across the technology stack and future models/evolutions.

 Leverage IT investment as a differentiator, while responding to complex macroeconomic and competitive        challenges.

What Transformez Provides ?

The Transformez Outsourcing solution envisages transparent, flexible and scalable full service offerings delivered seamlessly while maintaining a global uniform single delivery standard.

We Offer

Application Outsourcing to help streamline your processes by leveraging your application management and IT investments . Our full services model enable you to meet all your needs and business goals with maximum efficiency. Transformez delivers excellence and certainty across all of your enterprise’s IT needs through the following:

• IT Services
• Enterprise Solutions
• Business Intelligence and Performance Management
• Engineering and Industrial Services  

Infrastructure Outsourcing to help you manage your ever-growing IT needs with a robust and reliable IT infrastructure. Our in-depth industry knowledge and technical expertise helps customers extract the best out of their IT investments by creating a ‘Business Effective’ IT infrastructure that is not only reliable, but also future-proof.

 Business Process Outsourcing to help you focus on strategic and core functions while we execute your non-core business processes, optimizing business performance to attain value creation. With Transformez efficient and effective delivery mechanisms you can expect significant lower overall costs: up to 50 percent reduction in people cost through right-shoring and lift-off productivity gains in transition phase by deploying lean, six-sigma and automation, and up to 30 percent reduction in total cost of operations as Transformez facilitates business transformation.

Business Value

• Seamless scaling up of IT organization to increased complexity with uniform service delivery
standards by leveraging Transformez infrastructure.
• Scalable, flexible and unified IT solution tied to business service management objectives using Transformez Integrated Full Service Play and vendor agnostic approach which optimizes applications and Infrastructure Services .
• Reduced TCO and correlation of IT to financial objectives leveraging Transformez transparent service delivery philosophy and investments in innovation, knowledge management and competency infrastructure
• A transformed IT organization capable of meeting increasing environmental challenges, while ensuring agility and improving time to market.